Recent acclaim:

As Nanki-Poo in Union Avenue Opera's The Mikado:

"Drake Dantzler as Nanki-Poo sings a charming "Wand'ring Minstrel I"; his lovely tenor voice is uniformly pure in tone throughout his range -- even those soaring high notes" - Steve Callahan,

"Drake Dantzler is a dashing and earnest Nanki-Poo" - Mark Bretz, Ladue News

"As Nanki-Poo, the wandering second trombone who’s actually the Mikado’s son in disguise, Drake Dantzler is a tall, likeable tenor with an attractive voice and an easy way on stage." - Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"As Nanki-Poo, the royal heir disguised as a Second Trombone, tenor Drake Dantzler could hardly be better, with a light, fluid voice that allows him to tune his supple song to perfection" - Chauck Lavazzi,

As Alfredo in La Traviata"Drake Dantzler's tenor vocals were marvelous, bright and evocative." Encore Michigan

"“Pirates” is directed by Dr.Drake Dantzler, director of OU’s opera program and himself a much-lauded tenor. Dantzler has clearly instilled in his young cast an appreciation not only for this spectacular music, but also for the outrageous physical humor that can be packed into a Gilbert and Sullivan show. Especially impressive is the movement/choreography – the tiny clockwork-like steps that made General Stanley’s daughters seem to glide across the floor, the Keystone-cop buffoonery of the police, the synchronized hand-jive of the entire company, and the swashbuckling leaps of the Pirate King and crew. Even the deliberately anachronistic bits – hello ‘Chorus Line’ – were perfectly consistent with the unmitigated silliness one hopes for with G&S. Rule #1 with G&S – shamelessly going for the laughs is de rigueur. The production is an unqualified success." Detroit Examiner

"Navarro led the soloists ... in the Covenant Fine Arts Center auditorium. It's a room large enough to accommodate upwards of 130 singers and orchestra on stage plus an audience, but it's intimate enough to feel like a performance of chamber music. That setting put tenor Drake Dantzler in his element. A singer of notable contrasts, singing very softly as well as very loudly, he milked every nuance out of recitatives such as the opening, "Comfort Ye." He improvised heroically on the aria "Every Valley Shall Be Exalted" and sang with power and precision with the aria, "Thou Shalt Break Them with a Rod of Iron."" Grand Rapids Press


"As Gerald, Lakme's object of desire, tenor Drake Dantzler projected just the right countenance to contrast these highly-divergent cultures. His light, lyric voice never failed to hit the vocal mark while it furthered the development of his character." Colorado Springs Gazette


Drake will make his first appearance with Union Avenue Opera in St. Louis, this summer. He will sing a favorite role of his, Nanki-Poo in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado.


Drake will be in Chicago in early July at the NATS National Conference, made possible by the NATS Foundation Emerging Leader Award.


Drake is happy to return to the Interlochen Arts Camp as voice faculty this July and August.


Drake will be joining the Detroit Metropolitan Chorale for the 4th time this year as Tenor Soloist in Messiah.


Oakland University Opera's The Magic Flute marks Drake's sixth full sclale directing project since joining the faculty. Performances are in the middle of January, 2017..


Opera News hailed: "Tenor Dantzler is a real find: he has a voice of molten silver, immaculate musicianship and an expressive stage persona. The previous evening (Aug. 5), Dantzler had stopped the show as Lehár's Count of Luxembourg."



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